Angouleme BD international comic festival

I have for years been intrested in the International comic book festival that takes place in Angouleme france.I am an artist, that has little, or no prospects in the mainstream comic market of the United States. The European market has always held an appeal for me. The variation of storylines, colours and artistic styles. The "graphic novel" or Bandes Dessinees has been a fixture in european culture for years.Every January the beautiful town of Angouleme in the Poitou-Charentes region of France plays host to an international comic festival in which publishers, creators and exibitors from all over the world come and display their crafts.Last year, after years of procrastination. I commited myself to finally taking a look.I am deeply indebted to Mr. Stuart Ng of Stuart Ng books and Madame Christiane Douzille.Without their advice, kindness, and consent, this trip would not have been possible.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Evening in Angouleme

My new friend's were phenomenal hosts. Their hospitality and humour were the highlight of my trip. We had a wonderful dinner and wine at a Brazilian resturant and conversation of every sort and in many languages. I know I was there to find out more about european comics, but as the wine flowed I became increasingly intrested in the region and the country. One of our hosts suggested that we retire back to his place and sample his cognac collection. The cognac, conversation, and company that followed was first rate. anecdotes and stories mixed with informative knowledge of facinating subjects. All the while I was examining the very old quill pen lable of vintage cognac. We wrapped it up very late and went on. The main group staggered on to other events that went on all night, but not before one of our group passed out bottles on wine adversting his comic shop! Two of us exhausted retired, only to find that the hospitality of the Angouleme people never seems to stop. wating for us where we were staying was a new bottle of cognac, with a note "enjoy.".

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